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Trading is the lifeblood of any market. As South Africa progresses toward a future of a competitive electricity supply, the landscape will mature, becoming simultaneously more complex as well as more efficient - where demand is met by dynamic trade.


Enpower Trading provides innovative energy supply solutions to power South Africa’s future. 

By facilitating the transportation of electricity from power generators to multiple commercial and industrial offtakers on the Eskom and Municipal networks; Enpower Trading is accelerating new generation capacity to hasten the enablement of Wheeling and Trading and alleviate loadshedding over time. 

Diversify your energy mix to achieve energy resilience.

Our Products


Buy Energy

Enpower Trading provides customers with contract flexibility, offering power purchase agreements with lower tariffs that are tailored to offtakers’ needs and terms, guaranteeing savings without capital outlay.

By Aggregating energy supply from IPPs, Enpower Trading can offset a customer’s total energy demand across multiple sites ensuring optimal renewable energy penetration, further strengthening their energy resilience.


Sell Energy

Enpower Trading is a reliable offtaker of generation providing competitive power purchase agreements to IPPs. Our selection of blue-chip clients removes your risk, while our experienced team will expedite the contracting process and our ability to purchase large blocks of energy will allow you to focus on your core business. 

Our NERSA trading licence and multiple Use of System Agreements allows us to better service multi-site and municipal located customers.

Our Role

Enpower Trading will play a vital role in South Africa's evolving energy market, ensuring efficient and secure long-term electricity supply.

Enpower Trading is a reliable offtaker of excess generation offering end-to-end solutions, seamlessly delivering renewable energy to end-users.

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